Ian Deterling

duet in f minor

for violin and bass trombone

Duration: about 15'

Duet in F Minor for Bass Trombone and Violin by Ian Deterling - three movements. Originally for bass trombone and viola, this rather unconventional instrumentation is the product of Deterling being commissioned in 2013 to compose a duet for two of his friends: Matthew Booth (bass trombone) and Hannah Swanson (viola). This version was specially arranged in 2014 for Liam Parradine (bass trombone) and Hannah Woolmer (violin). Although set in F Minor, Allegretto con brio has a playful, energetic quality that is reminiscent of exciting times that foreshadow dark events. Adagio lamentoso is a reflection of forgotten memories, and Allegro con fuoco is a furious rapid-fire of passion and confusion with light being shed upon the findings of oneself.

Duet in F Minor for Violin and Bass Trombone
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