Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Flex-Band)

Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Flex-Band)


Composed by Johannes Brahms, arranged by Ian Deterling. Published by Deterling Music.

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  • ‘Flex-Band’ is a relatively new approach to writing and arranging for concert bands that frequently have to deal with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. This arrangement of Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms is arranged into five parts plus percussion. The instrumentation is as follows:

    • Part 1

      • Flute; Oboe; Bb Clarinet; Bb Trumpet; Violin

    • Part 2

      • Bb Clarinet; Bb Trumpet; Eb Alto Saxophone; Violin

    • Part 3

      • Bb Tenor Saxophone; Bb Clarinet; Eb Alto Saxophone; F Horn; Viola

    • Part 4

      • Bb Tenor Saxophone; Euphonium (bass and treble clef); F Horn; Trombone; Bassoon; Cello

    • Part 5

      • Euphonium (bass and treble clef); Bb Bass Clarinet; Baritone Saxophone; Trombone; Bassoon; Cello; Contrabass; Tuba

    • Percussion

      • Percussion 1 - Tambourine; Bass Drum

      • Percussion 2 - Crash Cymbals; Triangle

      • Glockenspiel

      • Timpani

  • Grade 3

  • Score and complete set of parts - 87 pages.

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