Deterling: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Deterling: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Complete Soundtrack)

Track listing:

  1. I. Main Titles, In the Garden

  2. I. Jane, The Story Begins, Alan

  3. I. Lets Go to the Fair, Caligari Appears

  4. I. A Somnambulist

  5. I. Caligari at the Fair

  6. II. The First Murder, Fun at the Fair, Caligari's Speech

  7. II. Inside the Cabinet, Cesare Awakes, Alan is Doomed

  8. II. Caligari Creepin', Love for Jane, Goodbye Alan

  9. III. Alan is Discovered, Fancis Tells the Police, Francis Tells Jane

  10. III. Dumb Criminal, Dinner Time, Hauled To the Police Station

  11. III. Searching Caligari's Hut

  12. IV. Jane Thinking, Dead End, Jane at the Fair, Alan's Funeral

  13. IV. Francis Keeping an Eye on Caligari, Cesare Creepin'

  14. IV. Jane's Abduction

  15. V. Francis Runs to the Police, Caligari Confronted

  16. V. In the Asylum, Plot Twist

  17. V. Discovering the Diary

  18. V. Reading the Diary

  19. VI. Discovering Cesare's Body, Confronting Caligari Again

  20. VI. Back to Reality, Francis Restrained, The End

Total time: 1 hour, 13 minutes.

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