Cover art:  Bones  (2019) by Ian Deterling

Cover art: Bones (2019) by Ian Deterling

Bones (2018)

Bones is a collection of short, concert-programmable works for two-mallet percussion can also be used as etudes. These light-hearted works were written to be performed as either a five-movement work, as a selection of movements not necessarily in numerical order, or as single stand-alone pieces. 

I gave enough information to point the performer in the artistic direction of what I envisioned while writing these works, but I intentionally left the music ‘open’ enough to encourage personalized interpretations.

  • I. Jolly Roger

  • II. Wishbone

  • III. Funny Bone

  • IV. Trombone

  • V. Skeleton Key

Bones is available as digital downloads (PDFs) and/or physical sheet music (see options below).