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Dwarves (Flex-Band) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Dwarves (Flex-Band) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


Composed by Ian Deterling, published by Deterling Music.

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  • Dwarves is a concert piece specifically for ensembles that frequently have to deal with unbalanced or incomplete instrumentation. This work makes use of low melodies and various percussion instruments as dwarves are commonly associated with smithing and mining. The contrasting sections in this piece are inspired by different descriptions/interpretations of dwarves - from traditional Norse mythology to more recent depictions that frequently appear in pop culture.

  • ‘Flex-Band’ is a relatively new approach to writing and arranging for concert bands that frequently have to deal with incomplete or unbalanced instrumentation. Dwarves consists of five parts plus percussion. The instrumentation is as follows:

    • Part 1

      • Flute; Oboe; Bb Clarinet; Bb Trumpet; Violin

    • Part 2

      • Bb Clarinet; Bb Trumpet; Eb Alto Saxophone; Violin

    • Part 3

      • Bb Tenor Saxophone; Bb Clarinet; Eb Alto Saxophone; F Horn; Viola

    • Part 4

      • Bb Tenor Saxophone; Euphonium (bass and treble clef); F Horn; Trombone; Bassoon; Cello

    • Part 5

      • Euphonium (bass and treble clef); Bb Bass Clarinet; Baritone Saxophone; Trombone; Bassoon; Cello; Contrabass; Tuba

    • Percussion

      • Percussion 1 - Triangle, Anvil, Snare Drum, Bass Drum

      • Percussion 2 - Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Tambourine

      • Percussion 3 - High Tom, Low Tom, Glockenspiel

      • Timpani, Anvil

  • Grade 3.

  • Duration: 4’30”

  • Score and Set of parts - 118 pages.

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