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Dwarves (for Orchestra) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Dwarves (for Orchestra) - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD


Composed by Ian Deterling, published by Deterling Music

  • I wrote Dwarves in 2018 for Brian Langley - a good friend and wonderful band director. One day over a cup of coffee, he suggested that I should look into writing/arranging works for Flex-Band - a way of scoring music so that ensembles that frequently have to deal with ‘incomplete’ instrumentation (‘incomplete’ as far as traditional concert band ensembles go) can still perform works with the guarantee that all the parts are covered and the ensemble is properly balanced. Dwarves is the first piece I wrote specifically for Flex-Band. This orchestral arrangement was made specifically for the Northshore Philharmonic Orchestra - Tracey Gibbens, conductor.

  • I always find it fascinating yet challenging (in a good way) whenever I revisit a work/adapt and rewrite it for a different instrumentation. Dwarves was definitely no exception. While working on different chord voicing, counter melodies, and having the full pallet of orchestral timbres at my disposal, I decided to transpose the piece up to B Minor (original key of G Minor). I felt this added an extra degree of brilliance while allowing some melodies and musical ideas to be dropped an octave for a contrasting heavier low end.

  • Dwarves is based primarily on two different themes - the A theme (minor and serious) and the B (major, a bit more uplifting). There is a ‘C’ section, but it is loosely based on a variation of the A theme.

  • Instrumentation:

    • Piccolo (optional)

    • Flute 1, 2

    • Oboe 1, 2

    • English Horn (optional)

    • Clarinet in Bb 1, 2

    • Bass Clarinet (optional)

    • Bassoon 1, 2

    • Horn in F 1 - 4

    • Trumpet in C 1 - 3

    • Trombone 1, 2

    • Bass Trombone

    • Tuba

    • Timpani

    • Percussion 1 (one percussionist)

      • Bass Drum

      • Anvil

    • Percussion 2 (one percussionist)

      • Tambourine

      • Triangle

      • Suspended Cymbal

    • Percussion 3 (one percussionist)

      • Crash Cymbals

      • Glockenspiel

    • Electric Bass (optional)

    • Violin 1

    • Violin 2

    • Viola

    • Violoncello

    • Contrabass

  • Duration: about 3’30”

  • Score and set of parts: 89 pages.

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