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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (for Concert Band) - PRINTED SCORE AND PARTS

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (for Concert Band) - PRINTED SCORE AND PARTS


Composed by Ian Deterling. Published by Deterling Music.

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  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is silent German expressionist film from 1920. Considered by many to be the first 'true' horror film, Caligari was incredibly innovative with its use of cinematography, warped sets, and the first substantial use of what is now known as the ‘plot-twist’ ending. The title character of the film, Dr. Caligari, has a cabinet - (believe it or not!) - and in this cabinet lives the somnambulist (the sleepwalker), Cesare, who goes around carrying out Caligari's evil deeds. Directed by Robert Wiene and staring Werner Krauss and Conrad Veidt, The Cabinet of Dr. Calagari continues to influence, inspire, and captivate filmmakers even today. This work for concert band makes use of several themes used in Deterling's orchestral score that he composed to accompany the film:

  • ’Dr. Caligari’ theme [A] - first heard in alto saxophones and horns (measures 5-6).
    ‘Dr. Caligari’ theme [B] - first heard in clarinets 1, 2 and trumpets (measures 13-14).
    ‘Cesare’ theme - first heard in low winds and low brass (measures 20-22).
    ‘Jane/Love’ theme - first heard in horns and trombones (measures 61-64).
    ‘Plot twist is about to happen’ theme - first heard in clarinets (measures 113-116).

  • Piccolo; Flutes 1, 2; Oboe; Bassoons 1, 2; Clarinets in Bb 1-3; Bass Clarinet in Bb; Contrabass Clarinet; Alto Saxophones 1, 2; Tenor Saxophone; Baritone Saxophone; Trumpets in Bb 1-3; Horns in F 1-4; Trombones 1, 2; Bass Trombone; Euphonium; Tuba; Double Bass; Percussion 1 (Bass Drum, Tambourine); Percussion 2 (Suspended Cymbal, Tam-tam, Triangle, High-Hat, Crash Cymbals); Xylophone; Timpani

  • Special note: the Bassoon 2, Contrabass Clarinet, Horns 2 & 4, and Double Bass parts are optional because they’re always either doubled or cued in other parts.

  • Score and set of parts.

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